The world’s fastest growing sailing class. Almost 1.000 boats delivered is a really incredibile number considering that J/70 was born in 2012 from the designer Alan Johnstone. Characteristics of the boat are the key success factors:


Easy to sail also in three persons.


The 11? long cockpit and moderate height boom allow easy crew movement across the cockpit while tacking and jibing. The small cabin below is a bonus, and provides weather protection


High-quality deck hardware and winches to facilitate sail trim and adjustment, including under-deck Harken jib furler.


Easy transport & launching. 30 minutes from trailering to sailing. Very easy ramp-launch with drop in rudder and vertical-lifting keel- draws 1.5 ft water at launch.


  • Hull laminated with biaxial and unidirectional E-glass fabrics and balsa core for rugged durability.
  • Deck molded with E-glass fabrics and Corecell foam core. High density core material and additional reinforcements in way of highly loaded hardware.
  • All laminates are engineered and built to required ISO structural standards.
  • Molded internal bulkheads with gelcoat finish, bonded to the hull and/or deck.
  • Molded lift-keel structure jigged and integrally molded during primary hull layup.
  • High strength, inward turning hull to deck joint bonded with structural adhesive.

Molded non-skid on horizontal deck surfaces.

Keel & Rudder 

  • 75’ draft lifting keel with lead ballast featuring an internal leading-edge kelp cutting mechanism operable from the cockpit while underway, SS lock down plate and a single point lifting ring w/2:1 aluminum keel crane lift system.
  • Investment cast diamond boat lift padeyes installed adjacent to keel P&S.
  • High aspect transom mounted molded rudder.

Composite tiller with adjustable tiller extension.

Spars & Rigging

  • Carbon mast with single swept carbon spreaders, carbon masthead crane and mainsail luff track. Easy to raise and lower with deck step design and tabernacle system. Mast finished in satin black with contrasting white bands.
  • Carbon boom with internal 4:1 outhaul, mainsheet attachment point, outhaul and single reef sheaves as well as provision for reef cleat and block at inboard end. Finished in satin black with contrasting white bands.
  • Carbon bow sprit with tack ferrule fitting, painted black finish and seal system mounted at sprit housing.
  • 1 x 19 wire standing rigging with adjustable turnbuckles for shrouds.
  • Double ended boom vang system.

Complete running rigging package.


Performance is the main objective with a light displacement, its 795 kg driven by a 45 square meters spinnaker, the J 70 will delight fans of two digits speed.

Technical Specifications