J/70 Cup, Patakin wins the first event of 2023

One of the most competitive events ever among those organized by the J/70 Italian Class came to an end this afternoon in Porto Ercole, where a fleet made up of thirty-five crews gave birth to the first fraction of the J/70 Cup 2023. The favor weather conditions, harsh but not beyond the limits, and the excellent organization put in place by the Circolo Nautico e della Vela Argentario, host of the event, gave away eight extremely hard-fought races and a ranking that changed from race to race and allowed to identify the name of the winner only on the finishing line of the deciding race.

The winner was Patakin of Luis Albert who, having taken the lead of the ranking yesterday and ran into the worst result of the series in today’s first regatta, did not break down and managed to contain the hosts of G-Spot , led by Giangiacomo Serena di Lapigio in the assault on the top step of the podium. An attack, as mentioned, rejected by Patakin who, making the eighth regatta his own, detached his direct opponent by just two points and Mauro Roversi’s J-Curves by eleven, immediately protagonist after a couple of years’ absence from the scene. As proof of the great balance between the buoys in this first season, the fact that the former have a total of two firsts of the day and that Patakin and G-Spot, on the eve of the final race, had the same points and the same gap.

The outgoing champions of Viva completed the absolute top five, with Alessandro Molla at the helm, and the Notaro Team of an ever-competitive Luca Domenici, who started Day 1 strong but was then slowed down by a BFD and another double-digit placement.

Looking at the Corinthians, great was the joy of the Calypso crew, who won by taking seventh place overall, just two positions ahead of Gianfranco Noè’s White Hawk, who finished second in the special group, and four ahead of Yacht Club Rimini by Sofia Giondi, third.

Told yesterday of the assignment of the Garmin Cup, whose ranking is calculated on the basis of Saturday’s results, to the J-Curve team, the ranking of the Alphazer Trophy EnergyStart was defined today, which rewards the best in the pre-start phases taking into consideration the passages at the first windward mark of each race: in this case too, Mauro Roversi’s J-Curve won, first by a single point over Gianfranco Noè’s White Hawk and Giangiacomo Serena di Lapigio’s G-Spot. For the first time, a prize was also awarded to the best of the OnePro category which, in the waters of the Argentario, turned out to be Halbtrocken Light by Matti Cipra.

After the engagement at Argentario, the protagonist fleet of the J/70 Cup 2023 met in Rimini where, between 12 and 14 May, it will give life to the second leg of the circuit organized by J/70 Italian Class and supported by Lincoln International, Alphazer, Garmin, Armare Ropes, Serena Wines, Vela Mania, Zhik, UtilGraph and OneOcean Foundation.