Record event in Riva del Garda: 75 boats from 16 Countries

Riva del Garda, 13 July 2022 – The last regatta of 2022 organized by J / 70 Italian Class in Riva del Garda is a season finale that tastes like an international event: to answer the call of the most popular monotype circuit in Italy In fact there were seventy-five crews in Europe, who will be able to wear the colors of sixteen nations and three continents. From Europe to the United States, passing through Australia and Brazil, J / 70 Italian Class will find many new crews on the starting line, but also several historical names of the Class, which over the years had already taken part in the J / 70 Cup.

Among the international crews, in Riva del Garda the already European Champions aboard the Spagnola Noticia, the Melges 32 world champions of La Pericolosa led by the German Christian Schwoerer, the Americans of Pinta led by Michael Illbruk, Commodore of the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, and those of War Canoe with Michael Goldfarb at the helm. The Brazilian To Nessa is also among the ranks of J / 70 Italian Class, a constant presence in Italian regattas before the pandemic.

The Italian crews will also be engaged in the battle for the Absolute Italian Championship, the title of which this year is up for grabs in Riva del Garda. The results of the Garda event will then be useful for the preparation of the general ranking at the end of the season, to decree the winner of the J / 70 Cup 2022: the ranking is currently set by Ludovico Fassitelli’s Junda who, unable to participate in this event he will necessarily have to give way to his pursuers. With only 14 points behind Luca Domenici is second with Notaro Team, followed by DAS Sailing Team of Alessandro Zampori and Aniene Young of Luca Tubaro, in turn first in the Corinthian ranking.

“Knowing the potential of the Riva del Garda race course and the hospitality of the Fraglia Vela Riva, we expected a good response in terms of participation in this event, but we certainly did not imagine welcoming such numbers. We can proudly say that we have reached the record milestone we reached in 2016, when exactly the same number of crews gathered in Riva del Garda as we will find this weekend. Those were other times, the pandemic had not yet impacted so sharply on our lives and also on the travel habits of international sailors, so I feel I can say that for J / 70 Italian Class the satisfaction of having achieved this result is double “he commented. the President of the Class, Federico Siragna.

With the start of the regattas scheduled for 1pm on Friday 15 July, a weekend of action is expected in Riva del Garda: in addition to the sporting events in the water, the crews will have the opportunity to meet the team at the Alphazer corner shop. of researchers and nutritionists of the company, to find out more about the world of sports integration and every day they will be involved in social events organized by J / 70 Italian Class and Fraglia Vela Riva.

During the event, the dates to be scheduled for the 2023 season will be officially presented to the competitors: divided into five events, the J / 70 Cup 2023 will start from 14 to 16 April, and then continue on the weekends of 12 -14 May, 2-4 June, 14-16 July and will end between 6 and 8 October. The locations will be unveiled soon.