Crowned in Riva del Garda the Winners of J/70 Cup 2022

Riva del Garda, 17 July 2022 – With a weekend of spectacular conditions and a complete series of eight races completed, the curtain falls on the 2022 edition of the J / 70 Cup organized by J / 70 Italian Class, which has chosen Riva del Garda as the final appointment of the circuit which, from April to today, had already touched the localities of Punta Ala, Alassio and Rimini.

A season full of satisfactions, that of the J / 70 Cup, which under the leadership of the new Council chaired by Federico Siragna has returned to touch record numbers and rediscover the splendor that characterized this dynamic one-design class before the pandemic: in progress almost one hundred crews joined the ranks of the J / 70 Italian Class, representing sixteen nations and three continents.

The record event of the season, also valid as an absolute Italian Championship, was precisely the one just concluded in Riva del Garda, a location with an indisputable charm in terms of landscape and sport, and which for this reason drew seventy crews to the starting line who they fought in dynamic and very competitive regattas, characterized by a hot, tense and nervous Hour, and a decidedly formed wave for Lake Garda.

The Riva del Garda event was also fundamental to define the ranking at the end of the circuit, determined by the total number of tests completed in all the stages, net of the difference of the four worst results. Alessandro Molla’s Viva, who not only put the seal on the Gardesano event, but thanks to the scores obtained also climbed the overall ranking of the J / 70 Cup to first place. Viva also won the title of Italian Champion and the Garmin Cup, awarded in each event to the best crew on Saturday.

Behind Viva, the American Rowdy of Richard Witzel, silver medal, and DAS Sailing Team of Alessandro Zampori, bronze.

As for the general classification of the J / 70 Cup, on the other hand, the DAS Sailing Team of Alessandro Zampori and Notaro Team of Luca Domenici positioned behind Viva.

A crew made it a protagonist in the Corinthian fleet: the victory of the last event and also of the 2022 circuit went to Aniene Young by Luca Tubaro, at the end of a head-to-head with Gianfranco Noè’s White Hawk that lasted all season, which closes in second place. Here too the podium is all Italian, with Why Not #CAIM by Elisabetta Saccheggiani and Alessio Zucchi winning the bronze medal in the J / 70 Cup 2022. The podium of the Riva del Garda event coincides with that of the circuit.

The curtain has fallen on the exciting 2022 season, the organizational machine of J / 70 Italian Class is already looking to the future: in fact, there are five appointments scheduled for 2023, whose dates have recently been published (14-16 April; 12 -14 May; 2-4 June; 14-16 July; 6-8 October), while in 2024 Italy will again be the protagonist of the J / 70 European Championship, scheduled in Punta Ala.

The 2022 J / 70 Cup is supported by Lincoln International, Sail Racing, Alphazer, Garmin, Armare Ropes, Savona Shipyard, Girmi, Resolfin and Serena Wines. J / 70 Italian Class is proud to support the OneOcean Foundation initiatives.